Xu Zi’

Sound Art


Noise of Beauty – 美丽的噪音

Zi in New York

Multi-Media Visual ArtistSinger & Collector

徐 孜:纽 约 多 媒 体艺 术 家

          绘画   音乐 与  收藏

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Visual Art

视觉艺术 跨界声音领域



will be a combination of classic and modern,
of East and West.

音乐自古以来就是一种 “融合剂”

东方+西方, 传统+时尚

徐孜创作的 “玫瑰钢琴”

(徐 孜 收 藏 启 功 墨 宝)


Xu Zi

Xu Zi / Artist / New York City
徐孜 / 跨界艺术家 / 纽约

The Latest News

A Rose Always in Fashion

In April, 2013, Zi Zi once again was invited to Sing for Hope, a public art activity taking place in New York City. In her painting over the piano, Zi Zi chose red and yellow to draw roses, a favorite flower of  the West. She combines the East and the West in that red and yellow are often used in…


Notes on Arif: Once I had done Arif’s name in Chinese calligraphy, he wrote the lovely entry in my form. Then, I showed him that on the back of the form, I have a list of the Chinese symbols for certain words with their English meaning beside them. These words include, from top to bottom, Hello, Thank You, Good Bye, Peace, Friendship, Freedom, Healthy, I Love You, Love. Arif then wrote these words in the language of his people, Urdu, one of the world’s most widely used languages, in a beautiful script handwriting. I then was able to make these words in Urdu with calligraphy beside his writing. Both of us learning from each other.

Xu Zi

Why I’m Interested In Calligraphy:
”Because it looks beautiful and watching it be made is also beautiful. Also, because I like the Chinese people, really hardworking people devoted to their goals.
So, in a nutshell, the Chinese calligraphy whether used to write Chinese or any other languages, is a beautiful way to express your feelings, including about art and as an art.
I got my name done by one lady named Xu Zi in Chinese calligraphy. She does it so well. She works in Battery Park. I hope she becomes good friend of mine. God bless her.

Arif from Pakistan

Your calligraphy was big hit. I sent it with my blue picture to Art in America.

Douglas Davis SoHo based Artist & Professor

Your thoughtfulness contributed to the joy of the season for me and my family. With all good wishes for a wonderful New Year, I am.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

In the attached file you find the pictures we made in the Battery-Park. We hope, you like the photos. Thank you for the nice handwriting papers for our girls. On the way home, in the subway, two women read the letters and then they smiled.

Daniela and Frank with Lena, Anne and Ina (of Germany)

Your amazing and graceful calligraphy has hung on my wall since the night I returned. But I never thought I would live and die with one image. But your art is living. I stare at it on my wall and I always see something new. Like an abstract painting it reveals itself to me. My name. My mark. Language , art, and connecting with strangers. This act already means so much to me. It’s life. And I wanted to share this with you and say. All humanity is connected and you’ll always be with me.

Grace (from Minneapolis) photographer and writer

Xu Zi is an extraordinarily talented, creative, and productive individual with a long-time passion for this music. She maintains a strong belief in the importance of preserving it for posterity. My experience as a published author, college professor, and educational researcher makes me confident that Xu Zi will accomplish her goals in a notable and worthy manner.

Victoria C. Nesnick

I have gone through your website. I adore you so much that you are a lady with talent and versatility. By the way, do you have any CD of your music/song recording? I really want to enjoy some pieces of yours.


Xu Zi! It warms my heart to hear from you! You are a wonderful human being. It is good to see your face here on Facebook. I am not too good at using Facebook…I get a little confused by it. LOL. Stay well and you can email me anytime.


We are excited to inform you that you have been accepted as an artist for the Sing for Hope Pianos public art project! We had an overwhelming response to the project and were so impressed with all of the submissions. Thank you for taking the time to put together your proposal!

Sing for Hope Team