Xu Zi’

Sound Art


Noise of Beauty – 美丽的噪音

Zi in New York

Multi-Media Visual ArtistSinger & Collector

徐 孜:纽 约 多 媒 体艺 术 家

          绘画   音乐 与  收藏

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Hello. Thank you for spending some time with Zi Zi Multilingual Calligraphy artwork. The works you will see here have been sold. But if you see a touch your soul, I can make one for you. This is my marketing method. You can by email contact xuzi88@yahoo.com.

I think of myself as a Multilingual calligrapher of people now in these computer times , traditional calligraphy has become the eastern art. Chinese calligraphy has a history of 3000 years. It spread to Japan, Korea, and now to the world. I am bringing an earthy soulfulness to the International scene of the 2001s in New York.

You may find your own soul piece. If you like, I can create it for you. I have been selling calligraphy artwork in New York for 15 years. My fans in the world are from more than 30 countries. They are not only buyers, but also my friends. The most frequent words I write are “Love” “peace,” “freedom”, and the person’s own name. I write names in English, Chinese, and Japanese, single, and double names, also family names. Some buyer say, my calligraphy is a new “abstract art”. They make unique gifts.

Thank you for loving each other.
Peace and love.