Xu Zi’

Sound Art


Noise of Beauty – 美丽的噪音

Zi in New York

Multi-Media Visual ArtistSinger & Collector

徐 孜:纽 约 多 媒 体艺 术 家

          绘画   音乐 与  收藏

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art-music-02Hello.  Thank you for spending some time thinking about my music.  My music and most of the work is very important, very rare. But if you have an interest, I can share with you.

I think of myself as the people’s multicultural musician.

In 2013 I was chosen to show for New York public art music, my new work which is the ancient oriental folk tale “Little cabbage”.  Which is a creative adaptation of Xu Zi’ version of “Cicciolina-Cabbage”, I will be playing in public places, with the Western improvisation style, to show the people of New York.  My creative philosophy is “the integration of eastern and western music culture, fusion” historical and modern, create new – people like pop songs.

In 2011, I tried to introduce in China a Yuan Dynasty opera “Peony Pavilion” the creation of Western Piano Solo songs.

In 2012, I was with a Spanish jazz band which together with myself created a Chinese song “Fragrance” (AD 1155–1221 reserved songs) and performed at the Manhattan cultural community Center, where I were well received.

In 1981 I began to study China classical music of the Song Dynasty in China. This topic proved  popular in university lectures and performances which I gave.  On behalf of Chinese artists the government sponsored my tour of Vienna, Finland and other countries. I also participated in the Marco Polo movie solo. Many Chinese artistic and musical experts are my supporters including  Zhou You-guang, Zhao Pu-chu, Jiang Chun-fang, Shen Cong-wen, Qin Shu-tian, Zhang Fu-quan, and  Guan De-Quan.

In 1989 years later, I performed in New York, once at Carnegie Hall, then NYU University, Columbia University, and Queens College.   I gave performances and lectures also.

To get the attention of experts (Victor, the United Nations the teacher comments, ABC access photo).

Through research and writing music, East and West, which is to explore my music on their own “road”. Some artists are inspired to imitate my work and I am honored.   To know that I am an innovator– so if you are a serious collector, you should think about this as an investment in art.

Again, for the serious music collector — one important detail. My job is not ordinary “pop music”.  I have my philosophical thoughts, music for the people with no class and without boundaries.