Xu Zi’

Sound Art


Noise of Beauty – 美丽的噪音

Zi in New York

Multi-Media Visual ArtistSinger & Collector

徐 孜:纽 约 多 媒 体艺 术 家

          绘画   音乐 与  收藏

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There is another exciting event on the horizon that you absolutely must put in your calendar. Thursday, May 16th will be the Sing for Hope Pianos Launch Party. All artists who have painted a piano are invited to come as a guest of SFH. Additional tickets will be sold at $100. There will be an open bar, DJ, awesome food, 88 pianos being played all at the same time (yes!), a live performance by some Broadway singers, and your pianos on display….a really awesome event. More details to come, but please put it in your calendars now, because we want you to be there!

I am so thrilled with everything you all have done in the Studio thus far. Every time I visit the space, I am inspired by your work, so thank you for your generosity and amazing talent.